Words & Photos Ingrid Hofstra

Postcard from Amsterdam: 6 New Breakfasts in an Old City

Feb 13, 2017

Going out for breakfast isn’t something we Dutch are too familiar with. We’re used to having the same meal every morning—a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles or a slice of cheese (neither healthy nor inspiring, I know). But something has changed in the last few years. We’ve started paying more attention to our health, and have actually started to enjoy breakfast. Starting the day with pancakes, porridge, or smoothie bowls was all of a sudden gezellig (our version of hygge). Of course we still love bread, but we’re no longer afraid to experiment with avocado, salmon, or poached eggs. As a result, more people have started going out for breakfast. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to be overwhelmed by the number of restaurants serving a full breakfast menu in Amsterdam. But not to fear, we’ve created the ultimate breakfast guide for you, so you won’t waste any time looking for the best places to fuel up.


De Ysbreeker

Enjoy a lovely classic Dutch breakfast here in the sun on a beautiful summer day, along with the one of the best views of the Amstel River. You can still order a sandwich with sprinkles here, but they also serve delicious yoghurt with granola and fresh juices. Visiting the capital in winter? Not to worry, De Ysbreeker’s interior is definitely Insta-worthy. The high ceilings, tile floor to die for, and rustic black café chairs will keep you double-tapping all day.


De Wasserette

When you look up “wasserette” in the dictionary you might look a bit surprised to a see a café named the same way. Though you won’t be able to drop off dirty laundry at De Wasserette, they do serve killer French toast and open-faced sandwiches. Don’t forget to order a cup of coffee. It’s definitely worth the bucks.


Harewood Bakery

After a visit to London’s Borough Market and a doughnut-making course, the owner of Harewood Bakery was inspired to find similar treats in Amsterdam—with no luck. So she decided to open her own doughnut shop in the famous Albert Cuypstraat. And are we grateful for that. Don’t leave without trying the blackberry doughnut.



Housed in a building that used to be a school, Bartack opened their doors barely six months ago, but it’s already a favorite among locals. The owners are known from other successful establishments such as Bar Spek and Forno (note these places for lunch). The best news is you can order breakfast here all day long.


Coffee & Coconuts

Probably the most famous spot in the city right now. Be prepared to wait a while, but it’s worth it. The owners have kept the original structure of a Roaring Twenties cinema completely intact, which means you can have breakfast downstairs, on the balcony, or all the way in the top. The interior is stunning: tall brick walls, lots of pastel furniture, macramé plant hangers and beautiful art work. The menu is extensive and quite health-conscious.


Buffet van Odette

A spacious, white-tiled café in one of the prettiest streets along the canal, this place is a true gem—every ‘Amsterdammer’ knows it. Odette’s food is simple, but so rich in taste. Most items on the menu are prepared with organic products. Perfect for breakfast, and a great spot for lunch, too. They’re planning on turning the upstairs into a bed-and-breakfast, so soon you won’t have to leave at all.